The Ragdoll is one of the largest of the cat breeds and takes up to 4 years to reach full maturity. A fully developed male Ragdoll can weigh between 12-20 pounds, Female ragdolls can weigh between 9-15 pounds. Ragdolls have beautiful blue eyes, and come in various colors, and patterns. They have a plush rabbit like texture to their coat.


Ragdolls make wonderful family pets, and have a very dog like personality. They wait for you at the door, are easily trainable, and quite often like to fetch toys.


They have an exceptionally kind personality, and make great companions. Please understand that because of this docile nature we ask that they are INDOORS ONLY.!!!




Bicolor Ragdolls have white extending up the legs feet, and their underside. Splashes of white on their back, and an inverted V on the face


Colorpoint Ragdolls have classic markings lke the Siamese color on the ear, face, legs, feet, and tail  with no white anywhere on the body


Mitted Ragdolls have white feet on the front legs that give the appearance of mittens, and white to the hock on the back legs giving the appearance of boots.They will have a white chin with color on their face, ears, legs, and tail. They can have a white colored blaze on their face.


Lynx Ragdolls have Tabby markings in the point color,  a striped effect to thier face, legs, and tail. They also appear as if they have a white eyeliner around the outer eye area. They are separate and distinct from the other Ragdoll patterns, distinguished by the placement of white. Additionally there can be lynx markings in a pointed, mitted, bicolor, or tortie.


Torties are normally always female. When there is a red mother , tortie mother, or red father some kittens may have a tortie pattern. The tortie will have red, or cream mixed with one of the other colors. A tortie can have a lynx pattern referred to as your torbie.




Seal will have points that range from from a warm brown to a deep brownish black and body color will range from fawn to cream.


Blue will have points that are blue-grey to deep slate, and body color should be bluish white to platinum grey.


Chocolate will have points ranging from milk chocolate to bittersweet chocolate with rosy tones, and the body should be ivory.


Lilac will have points that are dove grey with pinkish beige undertones and a body that is magnolia white.


Red or flame colors will have a deep orange, or copper tone points, and a body color that is creamy white.


Cream will have cream to light peach points, and a body color that is creamy white.




Pure white ragdolls mask the cats true DNA colors. When they are bred with non-white ragdolls, they will have both white and traditional colored kittens in their litters.


Mink ragdolls have a thicker plusher coat. They come in all the traditional colors but have a richer hue to their body color that is a warm shade to their points. They are born with color and pattern, unlike the traditional ragdolls born mostly white. They will have an aqua, or blue eye color.



















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