Regional Winner (RW) Quadruple Grand CH. Mustloverags Lucky Penny

(Penny) -  Flame Point Mitted

CH. Mustloverags Lacy Luck

(Lacy) - Flame Point Bicolor

Triple Grand CH. Mustloverags Foxy Roxy

(Roxy) - Chocolate Tortie Point Bicolor

CH. Mustloverags Rockin Ruby (Ruby) - Blue Tortie Point Mitted

This is Mustloverags Foxy Roxy. Roxy is a just a sweetheart. She is a beautiful chocolate bicolor tortie. Half of her bicolor is red and the other half is chocolate. Not only is she beautiful. She is a wonderful loving Mom that passes on her truely sweet Ragdoll nature to her kittens. 

This is our Ruby. Our beautiful split faced Blue mitted tortie. Ruby is just a baby now but we look forward to how she matures and her beautiful colors come in,.


SALLY - Lilac Tortie Point Bicolor - RETIRED

Sally (Retired) is a very sweet girl with stricking eye color! She already has excellent depth to her coat color at an early age. We had her DNA tested as some judges felt she was a blue tortie, but DNA came back she is definitely a Lilac tortie. In her short show career as an adult she was awarded #1 Lilac Tortie Bicolor 2016-2017 show season. We are very excited to see how this tortie girls color develops, and deepens overtime. Sally is a wonderful Mom that cares deeply for her babies. She will soon be retiring to stay with us and be Grandma to upcoming litters.

BRIE - Chocolate Tortie Point Bicolor

This is our beautiful Brie. Brie is also co-owned with Beverly of Bakerviewrags. This beautiful girl is from Bev's original lines that carry spectacular coat color. Brie has her Mom's beautiful eye, and pattern color along with a very sweet dispositon. You couldn't ask for a more attentive Mom. She is most definitely a Sally baby with her caring nature. 

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