To reserve a kitten you wil first need to contact us directly and tell us a bit about yourself, children, and any other pets. We will do our best to match you with the right kitten, but also reserve the right to refuse any sale. Our Contract clearly states Kittens are NOT sold for resale in pet stores, are NOT outdoor pets, are NOT to be declawed, and are NOT to be sold for scientific research. 


A $300.00 deposit is required for you to reserve a kitten, and be placed on our waiting list. It is 100% refundable until you choose a kitten, and approve the contract. This can be sent by Pay-Pal, electronic transfer, or cheque. The balance is due at the time the kitten is picked up by electronic transfer, or cash, or full and final payment must be received 2 weeks prior to delivery, or shipping date. Pricing includes the cost of spay/neuter.


SBT TICA Registered Pet Kittens include the following


- 2 sets of Vaccinations and Vaccination record (as per Canadian Vetrinarian Guidelines)


- Deworming is done twice and deworming record (as per Canadian Vetrinarian Guidelines)


- 2 year genetic health guarantee


- Kitten starter kit which includes samples of food, toys, brush, nail clippers, helpful articles, and an information booklet


- TICA (The International Cat Association) Registration Papers 


- Contract 


- Uncaged, heathy, socialized, ragdoll kitten


- Photos and videos of your kitten


- LIfetime breeder support. We also love to hear, and receive updates on your kitten


- Kittens are spayed, neutered, microchipped between 12-16 weeks before they are placed in their forever homes. There are NO exceptions. Why, because people forget to do it, or think I will just have one litter. Unfortunately they don't realize a hormonal male or female will call and mark potentially all over your house. It is the number one reason cats get surrendered to shelters. Not being properly socialized and marking inappropriately. 


- Kittens are not placed earlier then 12 weeks. Studies show kittens are more well balanced if they are not rehomed earlier then that, and have far less behaviour problems in the future. Such as inappropriate marking, not properly trained to use the litter, destroying furniture, and not well balanced, fighting with other cats. All of these being the biggest reasons cats end up being surrendered. That is why there are no exceptions to kittens being rehomed earlier than 12 weeks, and they are not rehomed until they are spayed/neutered. 


Please contact us directly regarding Show/Breeder pricing.


*****Shipping by courier, or delivery is not included in the purchase price. Please contact us regarding delivery, flight, shipping crate, vaccination, and health certificate costs and requirements.




















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