Beth - Chocolate Bi-color (Reserved)

Kevin - Chocolate Tortie Bi-color (Reserved)

Alex - Blue Bi-color/Mitted Female (next litter)

Pedro - Lilac Mitted w/blaze (Reserved)

Nelson - Female Tortie Bi-color (next litter)

Eric - Lilac Pt (Blue Collar) Reserved

Trevor - Seal Mink Male/Lilac Pt (Pink Collar) Reserved

Andy - Chocolate Bi-color boy - Reserved


Show/Breeder - Blue Mitted Boy

Show/Breeder - Lilac Mitted Boy


Gemma Baby - Seal Lynx Mitted Mink Boy (pictured below)  Born May 4, 2024 - Available

Gemma Baby - Seal Point Boy (pictured below)

Born May 4, 2024 - Available

Gemma Baby - Seal Lynx Mitted Boy (pictured below) Born May 4th, 2024 - Available

Gemma Baby - Seal Mitted Mink Female (pictured below) May 4th. 2024 - Available

Evie Baby - Lilac Point - Red collar Boy  (pictured below) Born April 2, 2024 - Available

KITTENS - We DNA test all our breeding cats with Wisdom Health Panel for over 42 different diseases and conditions including HCM and PKD

We have a waiting list, and are accepting deposits on the current litters and upcoming litters in 2024. There is a possiblility of the following colors Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Reds. Patterns will be Bi-color, Mitted, Points and Torties. We have Lynx and Mink. You can see more pictures and videos on Instagram. 


We practice and support "Fix by Five.....Saves Lives" Feline Fix by Five - United Spay Alliance  All our kittens are spayed/neutered before going to their forever homes. 



Please see the kittens below that are available from these litters. Please contact us if you would like to join our waitlist for these kittens. 













Our Kittens page is updated regularily.  Last update July 18th, 2024. We will do our best to match you with the right kitten.  If you would like to reserve a kttten please contact us directly. Please see our Reserving a Kitten page for more information.

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